Cheapest and fastest coins to transfer between exchanges


Total cost row is a summation of 3 values

  1. an individual bought a coin, for example, on Binance and paid a trading fee specific for Binance.
  2. an individual sent the coin, for example, to Coinbase from Binance and paid Binance withdrawal fee for the specific coin
  3. an individual sold the coin on Coinbase and paid a trading fee specific for Coinbase

FTX, Kraken, Bitfinex, Gemini have different Maker and Taker fees, for example, the Maker fee for FTX is 0.02%, and the Taker fee is 0.07%. Maker fee is, technically, a Limit Order, Taker fee is a Market Order. Therefore, in the table values such as x/y means, x as Buy Order via Limit Order, and y means Buy Order via Market Order.

Fees were calculated as if an individual made a Buy Order equivalent to $100

Coins that had equal Total Cost were sorted from fastest to slowest transaction time.

Important point to consider is that even though the transaction speed of a specific coin can be as low as 1 second, due to the transfer being initiated on the exchange, it can take longer. As soon as you press withdraw, that doesn’t mean the exchange will do it straight away. It has to review the request of withdrawal, and then it has to initiate it. When the review is finished, the exchange approves the withdrawal request, and it is the job of the blockchain now, this is where we will see the speed of the transaction.

Transaction time for coins mentioned in the tables are as follows:

NANO – 0.14s

AVAX – 1-2s

ONE – 1-2s

EOS – 1.5s

ATOM – 2s

WAVES – 2-10s

SOL – 2.575s

HBAR – 3-5s

XRP – 4s

XLM – 4s

NEO – 15s

ALGO – 45s

DOGE – 6 min

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